3 Ways To Get Your Cat Ready For Spring

Posted on: 25 March 2018

Make sure that you are not just getting your house ready for spring, but you are getting your cat ready for spring as well. Make sure that your cat is neutered to prevent the birth of unwanted cats, make sure that you keep your cat hydrated, and make sure that your yard is a safe place for your cat to play. Get Your Cat Neutered Spring is breeding time for many species, including cats. [Read More]

Traveling Abroad For A Month Or More? 3 Tips For Safely Boarding Your Dog

Posted on: 17 January 2018

Traveling abroad can be a great way to see more of the world, but with the high cost of airplane tickets and accommodations, you may be interested in staying for a month or longer to really get the most out of your trip and ensure that the high cost of flying is well used. While it may not be a problem for some people to travel for an extended time, it can be a little harder to set up if you are the owner of a dog. [Read More]

4 Benefits Of Acupuncture For Your Dog

Posted on: 8 March 2017

More and more dog owners are becoming interested in alternative medicine for their beloved fur babies, as a way to provide natural treatment for a variety of conditions without medication that often comes with harsh side effects. One form of alternative veterinary medicine that is particularly worth looking into is dog acupuncture. Here are four ways acupuncture may be able to help your dog: Reduce Joint Pain One of the most popular reasons to try veterinary acupuncture is to reduce joint pain and help mobility issues. [Read More]

Preparing Your Cat For A First Boarding Experience: Three Things To Consider

Posted on: 22 February 2017

Whether you are going out of town or moving, you may be considering cat boarding for your four-legged friend. If your cat has never been boarded before, there are a few things may want to consider to prepare for this event. With a little bit of planning, you can help to ensure your cat is safe, healthy, and happy while you are away. Use this guide to plan for your cat's first boarding experience at a company like Academy Of Canine Behavior. [Read More]