3 Questions To Ask Your Potential Dog Groomer

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Before you get a dog, you need to check into what their grooming needs are. Some dog breeds can get away without being brushed but will need to be bathed regularly. Then there are the dogs that need to be brushed daily so that they don't end up getting matted. If you are getting a dog that will need to be brushed daily or one that has a lot of grooming needs, you should look into a pet groomer to handle the big tasks for you. When you start looking for a groomer, then you should talk to a few before you make your final decision. Asking all the groomers the same questions will make it easier for you to make your final decision. 


You need to ask the groomer about their training. You are asking for information about where the groomer got their training, who trained them, and how long their training process was. You may also want to ask how long their training was. There is going to be a big difference between a groomer who has only had a few days of training and one who spent a few weeks or months in a dog grooming program to learn what they are doing. Ideally, you want to have a groomer who has more training, and who takes ongoing classes to learn about new tools and equipment. 

Breed/Size Limitations

Some groomers won't work with larger dogs or with certain breeds. Ask the groomer if they have limitations about the dogs that they groom, and where your dog fits in their limitation. For example, if the groomer doesn't groom dogs over 50 pounds, and your dog is 45 pounds, the groomer may tell you that your dog is close enough to their limit that they would prefer to not groom them, especially if your dog isn't done growing. 


When anyone is handling animals, accidents are going to happen, it's just a normal and expected thing. But that doesn't mean that the groomer shouldn't do everything possible to minimize the risk of anything happening to themselves or to your dog. Check with the groomer to see what their safety procedures are, as well as what kind of equipment they have to make everything safer for everyone, like walk-in shower areas so that the risk of your dog jumping out of the bath and hurting anyone. 

If you are getting a dog, you want to make sure that you find a good groomer who can help you keep your dog looking good. To learn more, contact a grooming service such as Kibble Pet Grooming.