Why The American Bully Makes A Great Family Dog

Posted on: 21 September 2020

If you're looking for a great family pet, here's why an American bully dog is a great option. This new breed is a mix of American Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Bulldog-type breeds. This breed is bred to be, first and foremost, a companion dog.

Why Choose an American Bully


The American bully has a gentle temperament. Though they appear scary, all the aggressive tendencies have been bred out so they are extremely tame. 

They are an affectionate breed that is safe with people of all ages. American bullies thrive with social interaction, and sometimes even prefer people over other dogs. They are devoted and will remain loyal to their alpha and pack – you and your family. 

The American bully's muscly build, soft temperament, and loyalty is a great combination because they will be tender with your family while also deterring people from harming you or your children with their intimidating looks. 


American bullies are highly intelligent and eager to learn. They like to know who is in charge. With proper and consistent training early on, they will quickly become obedient and well mannered.


American bullies are a great mix of calm and active, and because of this versatility, they do well with a spontaneous lifestyle. They can go from relaxing on the couch to running in the park with little effort. Though they are a relatively low energy dog, it is important that they get exercise every day. Also, they don't need a rigorous schedule like some breeds, which works nicely for families who are on the go. 


American bullies are recognized in four different sizes.

  • Pocket/Micro - Males are 14-17 inches tall at the shoulder, females are 13-16 inches tall at the shoulder.

  • Standard - Males are 17-20 inches tall at the shoulder, females are 16-19 inches at the shoulder.

  • XL - Males are 20-23 inches tall at the shoulder, females are 19-22 inches.

  • Classic - The classic size is the same height as the standard size but with a narrow and less muscular build.

Because they are bred in these different sizes, you can easily get an American bully that fits your home and lifestyle. 


As far as grooming goes for an American bully, they are relatively low maintenance. Their short hair requires little work and only needs to be brushed about once a week.

Food for an American bully needs to be very high in protein to support their muscly build. Calcium supplements are also a good idea to keep their bones strong.

As with all pets, be sure to have regular checkups with a veterinarian and get them the necessary vaccines.

Buying from a Breeder

When you buy an American bully from a breeder you are ensuring that you are getting the best quality dog. A reputable breeder will be certified by the United Kennel Club or the American Bully Kennel Club. Breeders will know the parent's and grandparent's history, and all of the dogs they sell will be given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian.

American bullies haven't been an official breed for long but those who have them are proud to be owners of this affectionate new breed. Contact an American Bully breeder to learn more about purchasing an American bully for your family.