Why Invest In A Fox Red Labrador?

Posted on: 25 July 2019

The fox red Labrador derives its name from an obvious trait: its coat color. While your average lab may be yellow, white, chocolate, or black, there is another color of lab that is becoming more popular: rusty red. Hence, fox red. Learn why you should invest in one of these beautiful Labs and what you should do and look for when you start shopping for one.

The Lab is unique

The Lab is one of the more popular breeds of dog in the United States, and you see this breed in a variety of colors all over the place. It is not likely you've seen a fox red Lab before, which means if you do invest in this popular breed of dog, you can still have a unique canine. The dog differs from others in color alone for the most part, so you will still get all the same friendliness and intelligence of a traditional Lab.

The Lab has careful breeding

To achieve that beautiful red tone, the red fox Lab has to be carefully bred. This means that the Lab itself is likely to have a great background when you go looking for a healthy, well-bred dog. To know that you are receiving a red fox Lab with ideal breeding, look for the following things:

  • Parents with papers on-site
  • A clean and well-maintained kennel
  • All shots and vet checkups accounted for
  • No serious inbreeding
  • Socialized, healthy pups
  • Hip and spine checks
  • An appropriate price for registered pups

A breeder should take pride in the breed they promote and understand the Labrador in general. Choose a breeder who appears to love what they do, and always ask to see a puppy prior to making a purchase. Never buy a red fox Lab from a puppy mill or from a non-reputable source. If a breeder is giving a red fox Lab puppy away, ask why, because this can be a red flag.

There are many reasons why you should invest in a red fox Lab. The vibrant red coat is quite engaging, and the dog itself is splendid in many ways. Whether you want a Lab for fun or for a hunting partner, you'll get a friend you can depend on when you choose this reliable, durable breed of dog. To look for red fox Labs in your area, ask your vet or check out breeders online, such as at wildfireretrievers.com