3 Ways To Get Your Cat Ready For Spring

Posted on: 25 March 2018

Make sure that you are not just getting your house ready for spring, but you are getting your cat ready for spring as well. Make sure that your cat is neutered to prevent the birth of unwanted cats, make sure that you keep your cat hydrated, and make sure that your yard is a safe place for your cat to play.

Get Your Cat Neutered

Spring is breeding time for many species, including cats. If your cat has not been neutered yet, you need to take your cat in right away to get them neutered. Nurturing your cat will not only save you from having to deal with your cat being in heat, it will also help you stop the birth of unwanted kittens. Most shelters are overrun with unwanted cats and kittens, and it is not a problem to find a cat for sale in the newspaper. Unless you have specific individuals lines up to take the kittens should your cat have babies, you need to get your cat neutered.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Next, you need to make sure that you keep your cat hydrated. When it gets warm outside, your cat is going to need to drink more water in order to stay hydrated. Make sure that you keep water bowls for your cat both inside of your house and outside of your house.

You need to change the water in your cat's water bowl every day, regardless of if your cat has drunken all the water or not. If you let the water sit, algae can easily grow in your cat's water dish, which is not good or healthy for your cat. You need to clean your cat's outside water bowl on a regular basis to ensure that parasites and algae do not grow in it.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Safe

Finally, you need to make sure that your yard is a safe place for your cat to play. If you use a fertilizer on your yard, make sure it is pet-friendly. Even if it is pet-friendly, try to keep your cat inside for a few days while the fertilizer soaks in so that your cat doesn't ingest the fertilizer at all. Don't use insecticides on your yard; they can really harm your cats. Make sure that you watch what you plant in your yard as well; make sure that there are not any harmful plants in your yard that could hurt your cat.

If there are areas of your yard that you should keep your cat out of, purchase cat fencing or a cat corral. Use the fence to set up an area outside for your cat that is safe for them to use. This can be a temporary solution for when you are working on parts of your yard and using chemicals that you don't want to expose your cat to, or this could be a permanent set-up if you want to dedicate a part of your yard to your cat for their use.

Make sure that your cat is ready for spring by neutering your cat, setting up multiple water bowls for your cat, and make sure that your yard is safe for your cat.