Considering Bringing Home a French Bulldog? Here's a Few Facts You Should Know

Posted on: 17 January 2017

With their telltale bat-like ears, wrinkly faces, and rounded brown eyes, from the moment you spot a French bulldog, there is no doubt you will be ready to bring home this breed as your own pet. While these dogs come along with a lot of personality and interest, it is always wise to make sure any breed is the right breed for your particular household. Take a look at a few of the facts about french bulldogs before you scoop up a puppy and decide to bring it home. 

French bulldogs work well in small spaces because they don't require a lot of room to run. 

These dogs are a rather small build, so they don't require a lot of space when it comes to playtime and running. This makes French bulldogs an ideal companion for a city dweller or someone who lives in a smaller apartment. While the dog should have exercise, French bulldogs in general are not highly active or energetic. They overheat a little easier than some breeds so they will usually prefer to just chill out with you on the couch or play for short periods. 

French bulldogs have a bad reputation for having issues with gas. 

This fact may sound a little strange, but if you will be cramped up in a tiny apartment with your Frenchie on a regular basis and it has bad gas on a regular basis, it can get to be a real pain. French bulldogs are a little more prone to getting gas with certain types of dog foods, so you will be able to control the tooting situation a bit by asking breeders about which food to give them. It's good to know about this is one downfall of owning this breed before taking a puppy home. 

French bulldogs don't require a lot of grooming but will need to be brushed regularly. 

The coat of a Frenchie is short and fairly bristled, so it is easy to take care of and also easy to assume that shedding will not be an issue. However, most French bulldog owners do find that their pooch sheds quite a bit, especially at certain times of the year. While you will probably never have to take your pup for a haircut, brushing it regularly will help to keep shedding down to a controllable level. 

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