Three Important Things To Research Before Keeping A Pet Lizard

Posted on: 13 April 2016

Lizards can make great pets for who those have done the research and know how to properly take care of them. It's important to realize that lizards thrive in a natural environment that's quite different from the environment inside a pet owner's home. However, by researching and investing in the proper equipment, you can keep a pet lizard safe and healthy.

Before you bring your new pet lizard home, you should put some time into researching the following three subjects to ensure that both you and your new pet will be safe in your home:

Substances that are toxic to reptiles

Certain substances are toxic to reptiles and need to be kept away from them at all times. With a typical reptile aquarium, it's easy to keep the amount of substances your pet is exposed to limited.

However, you need to be careful when you take your lizard out and handle it. Make sure your hands are clean when you're handling a pet reptile, and keep personal care products like hand lotions, make-up, soaps, and shampoos away from your pet.

One thing you need to be especially careful of is what types of wood you're putting in your lizard's aquarium. Some types of wood are known for being toxic to reptiles.

Wooden decorations are often put into reptile aquariums both to accentuate the reptile's habitat and to improve the appearance of the aquarium. 

You need to avoid using wooden parts made from cedar, pine, and any chemically-treated wood to protect your pet lizard from toxins. 

Resources in your area for people keeping this kind of pet

If you live in a fairly large city, chances are there's a society or club devoted to other pet owners like you who are keeping the same kind of animal. 

Joining such an organization can put a lot of important resources within reach. The veterinary needs of a pet lizard obviously differ significantly from those of a dog or cat, so finding a specialized veterinarian is probably a good idea.

Another reason joining a club or society is important is because it could help you to find a pet sitter who is already experienced handling lizards for when you go on trips. 

The characteristics of a healthy environment

You probably already know that lizards are cold-blooded animals. This means that they are very sensitive to the temperatures around them and cannot keep their bodies warm themselves.

To keep your lizard healthy, you'll probably need to set up an aquarium with a heater that ensures that the lizard's body temperature won't get too low. Ideally, you should be keeping the aquarium at temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Click here to learn more about lizards for sale.