Signs That Your Pet Needs Medical Care

Posted on: 21 March 2016

To take the best care of your pet, you need to be sensitive to the signs that indicate he needs medical care. Above and beyond regular veterinarian health checkups, at a place like Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, there are times when your pet should be brought in for special treatment. Here are common signs to watch for.

1. His eating habits have changed.

You typically know how often and how much your pet usually eats. When something is amiss, however, your pet's eating habits may change. He may stop eating, gorge himself or start drinking unusual amounts of water. These are all signs something may be wrong.

For example, if he stops eating or gorges himself, he may be injured, have an intestinal problem, or have a tooth that is causing pain. If he drinks water incessantly, it's possible he's been infected with the rabies virus. Your vet will be the final judge for diagnosing these problems.

2. He hides out all day long.

If your previously lovable pet no longer seeks out human attention, there could be one of several things going on. He may be instinctively preparing for his demise, or he may be getting abused by someone such as a neighbor or stranger.

Animals, especially dogs and cats, often crawl off to die rather than stay with their "pack." This is instinctual behavior engrained over hundreds of years. They don't know what you do – that vets can give them medicine or perform surgery that could save your pet's life. 

If your pet goes outside regularly and you think there's a possibility he is being abused by someone, bring him to your vet right away. The vet will be able to check him externally for wounds and internally for other problems.

3. His personality has changed.

You and your pet know each other very well, so when his personality changes, it's likely you'll pick up on it right away. He may be testy, morose or anxious, among other things. Moodiness is one thing, but continued personality change is quite another.

Personality changes can be a symptom of vitamin deficiency, injury and disease. Don't ignore this urgent sign that your pet needs medical attention.

The best way for you to show your love for your pet is to pay attention and be engaged with his behavior and activity. In this way, it's likely that you'll catch all the signs that he needs medical attention as soon as possible.